We have telematics solutions for your entire fleet

Whether you are a small business or large corporation, telematics in your fleet vehicles offers you access to your driver and vehicle data, allowing you to manage, monitor and optimise your workforce in real-time. 

Why choose telematics for your vehicles?

At Fleet Integrations, we provide solutions to the many challenges fleet managers face each and every day.

In todays market, organisations are under increasing pressure to deliver more with less. An optimised fleet is a great way to gain efficiency, reduce costs and increase safety.

Identifying and correcting areas of improvement within your fleet is the first step to reducing risk, increasing safety, meet compliance for many industries and increase savings across your pool of vehicles.


By partnering with Fleet Integrations for your IVMS / IVSS needs, you can be ensured that our focus is your success

Improve your bottom line, increased safety and compliance

Our customers have seen significant improvements across their fleet with a well executed telematics project.

Driver behaviour
Positive Increase 81%
Decrease In Cost 42%
Accident prevention

*Example percentages of existing clients

Software solutions to support fleet managers

Software solutions to go hand in hand with equipment. Specifically designed to support and empower fleet managers with their on-road operations through benefit led solutions.

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